Here at ReGeneneration Productions we are passionate about playing a strong role in the creation of a global network of high impact change makers. Included here is our selection of such people, businesses and foundations. We are either working closely with them or we thoroughly recommend them for sourcing high quality information for regenerative purposes, on both a personal and global level.

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The Koanga Institute is home to New Zealand’s largest collection of heritage food plants. ReGen has been working closely with Koanga since the very start. One of the main reasons behind our partnership is to support Koanga in their mission to preserve our genetic heritage, for that reason about 20% of our income is donated to the Koanga charity every month. ReGen Productions is based in the same farm as Koanga, where most of our courses are filmed.

To learn more about Koanga click here.

Amber Rose is an international best selling cookbook author, food stylist, photographer brand developer and the founder of the Wild Delicious lifestyle website and Fermentary.
Amber created her Wild Delicious Fermentary, after developing an auto-immune disease and realising that when she put gut healing food protocols in place along side delicious fermented foods she was able to reverse all of her auto-immune symptoms. Amber now ferments all the living probiotic rich foods in a commercial capacity, that helped her heal her auto-immune disease and sells them at the Matakana Farmers Markets and throughout New Zealand on her online lifestyle website

Amber is presenting a series of fermentation workshops on our Regeneration website, where she will share her 20 years of experience fermenting everything from sauerkraut and kimchi through to water kefir, kvass, probiotic gut shots and seasonal shrub syrups as well as fermented condiments such as mustard, tomato sauce and pickles.

Amber Rose is also working alongside Regeneration productions as the brand developer, website curator and marketing manager. 

To learn more about Wild Delicious click here.

Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy established The Land Gardeners to research about plant and soil health through growing, cutting and designing. 

The mission of The Land Gardeners is to work with gardeners and farmers to improve the health of our land – creating beautiful, healthy plants, gardens and farms brimming with biodiversity and life – all founded on healthy soil. 

They have worked with ReGen co-founder Kay Baxter for many years now and have recently reached out to ReGen to offer their support. We’re big fans of Bridget and Henrietta and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them!

To learn more about The Land Gardeners click here.

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship brings world class entrepreneurs and investors together in New Zealand to catalyse positive change for the world. The scale and complexity of our global challenges are beyond what individuals or organisations are capable of tackling alone. That is why ReGen co-founders Kay Baxter and Vitor Crispim decided to join the fellowship in late 2019. Alongside the EHF community ReGen works towards fostering learning and finding solutions to grow our collective potential to create impact. To learn more about EHF click here.

Wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts

Biological fertilizers and Soil Tests

A global resource for permaculture projects

 The bio-intensive institute.

Building Natural Capital

One of the best permaculture institutes in the Australia

Ecology-centred masters programmes and more

Environmentally focused economic models and business practices

Inspiring solutions to the multiple global crises

Honouring our ancestors and carrying hope for future generations

Mobilizing humanity to make soil in a planet saving scale

Be inspired – reconnect – regenerate

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