Bed Preparation and Planting


This workshop turns the theory you’ve learned into action.

Once you understand the principles of regenerative gardening (via the growing nutrient-dense food and growing great seedlings workshops) and how to plan your garden (with the garden planning workshop), it’s time to get hands-on!

You’ll start by being introduced to all the essential hand tools and gardening equipment you’ll need, along with instructions for building some of them yourself. Next, you’ll get simple step by step instructions that anyone (no matter their age or physique!) can do to turn their patch of dirt or weeds into productive garden beds ready for seedlings. From here, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for planting your seedlings and other food crops.

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Who is this course for?

It’s for people who’ve never before been a gardener, who are ready to learn the first steps. It’s also eye-opening for home gardeners, whether they’re:

  • A beginner
  • Struggling with their soil’s health or gardening practices
  • An older gardener who’s come to believe the physical side of gardening is too much

The workshop’s value extends to small-scale commercial growers, too.

The workshop is also an excellent resource for homeschooling children to reconnect with their environment (a perfect activity for the school holidays!)

CLIMATE: The workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In our videos we are specifically showing people how to apply these patterns in a temperate climate. 


Episodes and Learning Outcomes

Episode one

  • Learn how to apply the theories we’ve learned from previous workshops
  • Learn the role of your garden planner sheets and charts
  • Learn how to alter the garden-planning process so that it best suits you
  • Learn how to make decisions based on your particular situation
  • Learn how to approach bed prep in both clay and sandy soils
  • Understand the process for putting the seven steps of the Growing Nutrient-Dense Food workshop into practice


Episode 2 – Recommended tools

  • Understand how to choose your tools based on performance and durability
  • Estimate your one-off costs for getting your garden started (this includes estimated costs for both casual and full-time gardeners)
  • Find out which New Zealand suppliers we endorse as the best, and why


Episode 3 – Laying the foundations

  • Understand the factors that influence the width of your garden beds and paths
  • Learn how to lay out your garden bed’s design with sticks and string
  • Learn how to create clear edges between your beds and paths with a garden fork
  • Learn how to clear the grass from the paths around your beds using a spade and rake


Episode 4 – Bed prep using double digging 

  • Learn a bio-intensive bed preparation technique we use in all of our gardens to achieve deeply aerated soils (for resolving compaction)
  • Learn to manage your soil so that double-digging is either a once-off or rarely needed
  • Learn the step-by-step process of double digging
  • Learn the ergonomic movements we use for double digging garden beds without damaging our bodies


Episode 5 – Bed prep using a garden fork and rake

  • Learn how to prepare your garden beds for planting with nothing besides a fork and rake


Episode 6 – Bed prep using the U-bar

  • Learn a U-bar can deliver you deeper aeration, time-efficiency, and higher food production
  • See how to prepare a garden bed using a U-bar and a wooden board


Episode 7 – Working with the garden crew

  • You’ll watch the Koanga crew preparing beds in Koanga’s organic tree nursery
  • Learn how to prepare your garden beds using the Roebuck fork with an ergonomic technique
  • Learn extra ideas for preparing your bed to achieve optimal results


Episode 8 – Preparing for planting

  • Learn Kay’s method for giving garlic, potatoes and onions a great head start


Episode 9 – Planting peas

  • Learn how to build a simple structure that unlocks your ability to grow peas in areas with large bird populations
  • Learn how to select seeds to improve their genetics


Episode 10 – Planting garlic, onions, and potatoes

  • Learn how to plant your garlic, onions, and potatoes using your Koanga Garden Master Chart (included)


Episode 11 – Planting carrots, radish, and greens

  • Learn the “scatter sowing” technique for even germination of your carrots and greens.
  • Learn the “diagonal spacing” technique for transplanting most other seedlings.


Episode 12 – Green manure crops

  • Learn how to encourage microbial activity in your soil for improving the nutrient density of your crops


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