Growing Great Seedlings


The beauty of this workshop is its simplicity.

It empowers everyone, no matter their prior knowledge, to leave behind the expensive trips to the garden centre and become part of building a regenerative future for all life on earth.

By taking this first step and learning about co-evolution and the laws of nature, you’ll soon know how to create links between your seeds and the life in the soil. It’s the very foundation of regenerative practices like:

  • Growing nutrient-dense food
  • Fostering your community’s health
  • Creating healthy ecosystems
  • Sequestering carbon


Practically speaking, you’re going to learn:

  • How to make seedling trays from the material you’ve got at hand (like pallets)
  • How to make your own seed-raising mixes
  • How to grow amazing seedlings capable of growing nutrient-dense veggies
  • The art of creating your own fertilizers



  • Self-paced online workshop with video lessons and complementary reading
  • Books, booklets and many other assets, all in digital formats
  • Kōanga Student Facebook page for support and questions
  • Taught by Kay Baxter (Kōanga Founder)


Time required:

  • Students typically require about 10 hours in order to complete this workshop at a reasonable pace
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Of all our workshops, this is the simplest demonstration of regenerative gardening in action.

Who’s this course for?

  • It’s for home gardeners ready to step into a resilient future. Whether you’re rural or urban, this will unlock your garden’s ability to flourish, even when a lockdown prevents you from picking up new supplies. 
  • It’s also for commercial growers. They will quickly understand how simple it is to shift to a new paradigm that produces nutrient-dense food, living soil, and greater profits.
  • New gardeners. You need no prerequisite knowledge
  • Parents who are homeschooling their children and want a resource for teaching them to reconnect with their environment
  • Parents looking for wholesome family activities for the school holidays!
  • Schools and educational projects looking for more resources to support their curriculum


Here’s the lesson plan


Episode 1

  • Learn the benefits of growing your own seedlings
  • Understand the natural process of coevolution, and the transformation you can expect when you work with the laws of nature
  • Learn how home gardeners can work in a regenerative way to create a resilient, strong and healthy future for us all
  • Know the importance of working with genetics and the environment
  • Learn how to choose optimal seeds
  • Learn which environments produce great seedlings



  • Learn exactly what materials you need to grow great seedlings. Instead of opting for plastic, you’ll learn about simple and affordable things you can make yourself


Planting seedlings

  • Learn how to make your own seed raising mix (with either existing materials or those you can buy)
  • Learn the different ways to plant seeds and which best fits each situation
  • Learn how to sow seedlings to be “pricked out” later, and how to “scatter sow” seeds that go directly into the garden when ready


Observation Part 1

  • Learn how to handle seedlings
  • Understand the relationship between plant roots and microbes
  • Recognize when a seedling’s roots are exuding sugars
  • Recognize when seedlings are ready to be pricked out or planted into the garden if ‘scatter sown’
  • Understand why it’s critical to prick out and transplant at the optimal time
  • Learn how to “direct sow” seeds into the garden.
  • Learn a creative way to germinate seeds early without a greenhouse


Observation Part 2

  • Learn additional options for your seed raising mixes
  • Understand how efficient photosynthesis is the link between seedlings, nutrient-dense food, sequestering carbon and growing soil
  • Learn how to create a regenerative system
  • Learn how to mark seed trays to get accurate spacings between seedlings
  • Learn how to prick out seedlings in 3 steps
  • Recognize when and why some roots need pruning
  • Learn about making microbe food to boost your seedlings (recipe included)


You’re also invited to join our community

All online students are welcome to join our exclusive regenerative gardening facebook group. It’s a place to share questions, enthusiasm, (mistakes!), and successes with like-minded students. We’ll be standing by!

And if you don’t like it

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CLIMATE: The workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In our videos we are specifically showing people how to apply these rules in a temperate climate.