Herbal Health & Nutrition


Herbs have been our allies throughout history. They support us by assisting healing processes and providing nourishment.

For forty years I’ve worked with the herbs that grow most easily in our New Zealand environment – many of them of northern-European origins. Along the way, I’ve learned how to use them for a range of valuable applications, and I’d love to share these with you in this workshop.

By joining this workshop you’ll receive access to 12 episodes as we follow the herbs through the year, and a PDF booklet of detailed information that you can easily print at home. 

You’ll learn how to make remedies for common childhood illnesses, many women’s health issues, and general first aid kits that help the whole family.


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By the end of this workshop, you’ll learn many details about how to identify, propagate, grow, and harvest the herbs listed below, and prepare different remedies with them.

Globe Artichoke Elder Raspberry
Ashwagandha Elecampane Saint John’s Wort
Astragalus Garlic Sweet Annie
Burdock Ginger Turmeric
Calendula Greater Celandine Turkey Tail
Chamomile Honey Usnea
Chickweed Licorice Valerian
Chokeberry Motherwort Wormwood
Dandelion Mullein Yarrow 
Echinacea Nettle


You’ll also learn 

  1. How to match symptoms to appropriate remedies
  2. How to make oil infusions
  3. How to make a salve
  4. How to make tinctures
  5. How to make hot water infusions
  6. How to make your own calendar and planner for the cultivation of herbs and preparation of medicine
  7. How to make specific remedies such as:
  • Nourishing herb teas
  • Adrenal, immune, and nervous system tonic tea
  • Cold and flu tea
  • Spring super charge tonic
  • Itch-bite-sting cream
  • Earache oil
  • Immune-support tinctures
  • Herbal digestive bitters
  • Smudge sticks
  • Moth balls
  • Antiviral tea
  • Echinacea suppositories
  • Kiwi backyard antivirals
  • Much much more.


Who’s this course for?

  • Parents looking to care for their children as naturally as possible
  • People who are curious about taking responsibility for their own health
  • Those living a healthy lifestyle who are looking for additional opportunities to optimise their health


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We’ll be standing by

If any questions pop up along your journey, we’re ready to answer in the Koanga Institute Facebook group.

And if you don’t like it

We’ll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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To your family’s health,



CLIMATE: Our workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In some cases we demonstrate how to apply these rules in temperate and mediterranean climates.

This workshop is intended to provide educational information for the reader on the covered subject. It is not intended to take the place of personal medical counseling, diagnosis, and treatment from a trained health professional.