Kay’s Garden Management Series


What do you think it takes to produce enough veggies, seeds, and grains to feed two adults and two children for a full year on an omnivorous diet?

Well, you can see exactly what it takes by following along for a year in Kay’s 200sqm garden. 

While our other workshops break down the fundamentals of designing regenerative gardens, this one dives into the entirely different skill of managing one throughout the seasons.

We followed Kay for 12 months, asking for her thoughts on each season’s priorities and challenges. The result is a video series that teaches:

  • Building the confidence to focus on your garden’s soil health, which creates ecological balance and solves pest and disease issues
  • How to read your garden and understand the needs of its ecosystem
  • How to maintain your garden in the most time and cost-efficient manner (whilst creating regenerative processes in your ecosystem)
  • What it takes to grow highly nutritious food
  • What grows at each time of the year
  • Which foods can be stored or processed
  • Techniques for managing specific vegetable and perennial species
  • How to maintain nutrient levels with (via compost heaps and other techniques)
  • How to pick the vegetable cultivars that best suit your specific garden conditions
  • How to build simple and effective garden structures
  • Kay’s favourite seasonal recipes!



  • Self-paced online workshop with video lessons and complementary reading
  • Lessons for each month and season
  • Books, booklets and many other assets, all in digital formats
  • Permanent access via the Kōanga Online website
  • Kōanga Student Facebook page for support and questions
  • Taught by Kay Baxter (Kōanga Founder)


Time required:

  • Students typically require about 10 hours in order to complete this workshop at a reasonable pace
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Who’s this course for?

  • Anyone wanting to achieve food security through vegetable, seed, and grain production. Whether you’re an urban or rural gardener, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to build healthy soil and biodiversity in your area, which is conducive to growing nutrient-dense food.
  • New gardeners. You need no prerequisite knowledge
  • Parents who are homeschooling their children and want a resource for teaching them to reconnect with their environment
  • Parents looking for wholesome family activities for the school holidays!
  • Schools and educational projects looking for more resources to support their curriculum


Each episode teaches

How to observe and action each month’s most critical issues. Whenever a topic comes up that requires in-depth knowledge, a topic-specific video will continue the lesson. Some of these are:

  • Processing corn
  • Perennial vegetables
  • Hanging and selecting mother seed
  • Fermenting beans
  • Brassicas in the summer
  • Storing artichokes
  • Making liquid fertiliser
  • Building a worm farm
  • Making bio-char


You’re also invited to join our community

All online students are welcome to join our exclusive regenerative gardening facebook group. It’s a place to share questions, enthusiasm, (mistakes!), and successes with like-minded students. We’ll be standing by!

And if you don’t like it

We’ll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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CLIMATE: The workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In our videos we are specifically showing people how to apply these rules in a temperate and mediterranean climate.