Kay's Garden Management Series


Kay has a 200 Sqm garden which was designed to grow all the vegetables, seeds and grains for two people throughout the seasons. She is very passionate about self-reliance and growing delicious and nutrient-dense food, and this Garden Management Series is for gardeners who want to achieve similar goals.

In this 12 month workshop Kay teaches all the management tricks involved in managing a bio-intensive 200sqm garden. Every monthly episode starts with Kay talking about the feeling of the garden that month of the garden, followed by an overview of what’s being cultivated and harvested + additional video with detailed information on various topics

In this Garden Management Series you’ll learn:

  • How to manage you garden in the most time and cost efficient way, whilst creating a regenerative process for the soil and all life around you garden
  • What it take to grow highly nutritious food
  • What’s being grown at this time of the year and how
  • Seeds that need to go in and what’s already being harvest
  • Which foods can be stored or processed
  • Techniques for managing specific species of vegetables and perennials
  • Nutrient maintenance techniques such as liquid fertiliser and vermicast
  • How to select the best vegetable cultivars for your specific situation
  • How we use appropriate technology to build simple and effective garden structures
  • All of Kay’s personal favourites seasonal recipes

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Who is this course for?

This course is for all levels of home gardeners, both country and urban.

This course if for anyone wanting to achieve a high level of food security trough vegetable, grain and seed production.

This course if for anyone wanting to increase bio diversity and soil health in their gardens.

This is a particularly great course for inspiring people around the magic of nature.

This is also a great resource for home schooling groups and parents who wish to include their children in the garden and the regeneration revolution.

CLIMATE: The workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In our videos we are specifically showing people how to apply these rules in a temperate climate.


Episodes and Learning Outcomes


12 Monthly Episode + A whole range of additional videos