Kōanga Gardening Online Masterclass 2024


A new and updated version! We’ve integrated all of our gardening workshops into a single, one-stop regenerative gardening masterclass. When you’re ready, the road to health, food security, and ecological regeneration looks like this:

  • Eight in-depth workshops revealing the fundamental aspects of regenerative gardening (covering design, implementation, and management)
  • 30+ episodes explaining each month’s unique challenges and how to respond to them
  • An extensive database of graphs, publications, charts, templates, and supporting videos to guide you through designing and maintaining your space
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Who is this course for?

  • New gardeners wanting to build food security and family health
  • Experienced gardeners looking for principle-based solutions to their challenges (like pests and less-than-optimal-production)
  • Anyone who wants to garden in a regenerative way to create community resilience in times of uncertainty

This masterclass has been designed for anyone looking to adopt a regenerative lifestyle. Whether you’re a home gardener or a small-scale commercial grower, you’ll discover how to build regeneration into all of your practices and make the most of your water, space, and local resources.

Your finances won’t be a limiting factor this journey. All of our structures and processes have been optimized to fit a small budget.

CLIMATE: The workshops are based around giving people an understanding of the principals of science and the laws of nature which can be applied in varying ways to any climate. In our videos we are specifically showing people how to apply these rules in a temperate climate.


Workshops included in this masterclass are:



This workshop is focussed on the principles of science and laws of nature. It reveals the connection between heritage seeds, the soil ecosystem, and how they produce food packed with high levels of nutrients. It breaks down how microbial activity fosters wellbeing all the way up to the level of our communities and the climate. After explaining this new understanding of food, the workshop moves on to a series of actionable steps for growing produce that fosters your family’s health.

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A revolutionary step-by-step planning process for achieving maximum production inside the smallest available area, whilst building soil and plant health. This workshop builds the foundations for creating a regenerative food culture. Alongside the video workshop, you’ll have access to digital versions of our planning tools that make month-by-month planning far easier.

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Seedings provide the clearest example of regeneration in action. Growing them regeneratively physically shows you the living bridge between seedling roots and the soil. It’s inspiring and empowering, and possible for anyone to create! This workshop uses over two hours of videos and an extensive database of design plans to equip you for growing your own seedlings each season. It explores seed selection, handling, and tray preparation for optimal seedling growth.

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This workshop unlocks how to build soil and grow nutrient-dense plants with local materials around you. It teaches the pattern language for making compost that uses our precious carbon more efficiently – producing 50% more compost, and creating up to 50% higher yields per square meter. All of this is built into a simple step-by-step process that is easy to follow.

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This workshop starts with an introduction to the essential hand tools and equipment for gardening, along with instructions for building some of them yourself. Next, it provides simple step-by-step instructions for turning a patch of dirt or weeds into productive garden beds ready for seedlings (that anyone has the physical strength for!). From here, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for planting your seedlings and other food crops.

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This video series teaches you how to create your own locally-sourced, regenerative fertilisers. These are valuable resources to increase the pace at which your soil builds carbon, balances its minerals and fosters its microbial population. All without unlocking the carbon and degenerating the soil! If you’ve watched our workshop, Growing Nutrient-Dense Food, you’ll already understand the principles and laws of nature that underpin these fertilisers. This workshop builds on these principles and gives you step by step, easy to follow instructions for creating these fertilisers at home.

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It’s one thing to design a regenerative garden. It’s another to manage it throughout the seasons. This video series checks in with Kay at the start of each month and explores her methods for maintaining her garden’s health and productivity. It comes with additional episodes containing insights for maximising production, building soil health and addressing challenges with a principle based approach. This is potentially one of the most valuable additions to this masterclass, and a fun part of our curriculum.

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This workshop teaches you how to build an affordable, space-efficient alternative to a greenhouse called a passive solar cloche. It extends your growing season, creates a safe environment for seedling production, and enables you to grow greens throughout the winter. It uses a minimal amount of space (making it optimal for urban gardeners) and is built from predominantly local, sustainable materials. Constructing one is simple and physically possible for everyone (including women like me in their 60s!)

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You’re also invited to join our community

All online students are welcome to join our exclusive regenerative gardening facebook group. It’s a place to share questions, enthusiasm, (mistakes!), and successes with like-minded students. We’ll be standing by!

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