Kōanga Health & Wellbeing Masterclass


The Health & Wellbeing Masterclass brings together our three health-specific workshops: Designing a Nutrient-Dense Diet, Traditional Food Storage, and Herbal Health & Nutrition.


The road to taking ownership of your health looks like this:

  • Three comprehensive online workshops covering the connection between regeneratively-raised produce, human health, and how to target specific ailments with natural homemade remedies
  • An extensive database of supporting documents and video tutorials to guide you through each area of health and wellbeing
  • Support from hundreds of students, and a community of growers and teachers to share the journey with



  • Self-paced online workshops with video lessons and complementary reading
  • Books, booklets and many other assets, all in digital formats
  • Curated tutorials and other essential resources
  • Lessons for each month and season
  • Kōanga Student Facebook page for support and questions
  • Taught by Kay Baxter (Kōanga Founder)




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Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in taking control of their health and discovering what truly nutritious food really is
  • People already living a healthy lifestyle who are looking for additional opportunities to optimize their health
  • People experiencing illness who would like to explore the root cause and learn about holistic medication
  • Parents looking to care for their children as naturally as possible
  • Parents who are homeschooling their children and want a resource for teaching them to reconnect with their environment
  • Parents looking for wholesome family activities for the school holidays!
  • Schools and educational projects looking for more resources to support their curriculum


Workshops included in this Masterclass are:

This workshop introduces you to my lifelong research on the relationship between food and wellbeing, with specific focus on what to eat to maintain true health and how to best prepare our food for maximum nutrition.

The lessons in this workshop are based on a mixture of historical and scientific evidence, as well as my own experience transitioning from a vegetarian diet to a traditional diet, and from illness to a new health paradigm.

This workshop empowers you to process and store your garden produce in traditional ways so that you have high-quality ingredients for making tasty and nutritious dishes all year-round.

The methods involved require no expensive equipment, no previous experience and are a sure way for you to build your food security – preserving fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, medicine and seeds for the future.

For the past forty years I’ve worked with the herbs of my ancestors that naturally flourish in New Zealand’s climate. This 12-month series follows these herbs throughout the seasons and demonstrates making use of them for common childhood illnesses, many women’s health issues, and general first-aid. It also comes with a beautifully illustrated PDF booklet that is easily printed for use around the home.


This Masterclass is an opportunity to invest in your health and the health of your family. The beginning of a lifelong journey towards self-sufficiency, resilience and well being of people, animals and our whole ecologies. 


You’re also invited to join our community

All online students are welcome to join our exclusive regenerative gardening facebook group. It’s a place to share questions, enthusiasm, (mistakes!), and successes with like-minded students. We’ll be standing by!

And if you don’t like it

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Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide educational information for the reader on the covered subject. It is not intended to take the place of personalised medical counselling, diagnosis, and treatment from a trained health professional.