Traditional Food Storage


This workshop explores traditional methods for harvesting, processing and storing our regeneratively-grown produce. These techniques enable us to store the crops we have grown to feed us throughout the year, take any excess in-season food from your gardens, process them and store them in simple, traditional ways, creating abundance and food security year round! 

Implementing these traditional food processing and storage methods for yourself will benefit your family for four major reasons. 

  • First, you’ll be able to process and store dozens of different crops from your garden using simple pieces of equipment.
  • Second, they will bless you with food security. You’ll learn how we preserve medicines, pickles and chutneys, dry fruit, bottle fruit, store juice, make vinegar, wine, and store nuts, seeds, herbs and winter vegetables, and much more! 
  • Third, this is an incredible opportunity for those of us who want to reclaim our health, and begin the process of creating our own unique food culture that suits our communities and our ecosystem!
  • Fourth, you’ll be able to use many things that would have been wasted, in ways that make all your gardening efforts more rewarding and make your meals more nutritious for no extra cost.



  • Self-paced video lessons from Early Spring to Late Autumn
  • Recipe book in PDF format
  • Lessons for each month and season
  • Curated video tutorials and other essential resources
  • Kōanga Student Facebook page to ask questions 
  • Taught by Kay Baxter (Kōanga Founder)


Time required: 

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Course Category

Who’s this course for?

  • Anyone who is looking to preserve their home-grown produce
  • Anyone wanting to get the maximum benefit from the hard work you do in the garden
  • Anyone wanting to stay out of the Supermarket
  • Anyone wanting to eat gourmet food without the cost!
  • Anyone aiming to eat year-round from your own land
  • New gardeners. You need no prerequisite knowledge
  • Parents who are homeschooling their children and want a resource for teaching them to reconnect with their environment
  • Parents looking for wholesome family activities for the school holidays!
  • Schools and educational projects looking for more resources to support their curriculum


Now, here is a small taste of some of the content covered by the lesson plan:

* Note that in addition to the video classes below, you’ll be given a link to download our Change of Heart Cookbook – an incredible resource that teaches:

  • The science behind nourishing food
  • What a regenerative food culture looks like
  • Hundreds of seasonal recipes


Early Spring 

  • Learn how to preserve the skins of oranges to add incredible flavour to many recipes later in the year
  • Learn how to make tasty vegetable stock and broths by saving the discard from your veggies like onion skins, leek roots, carrot tops etc…
  • Learn how to store veggies, greens and herbs through dehydration


Mid Spring 

  • Storing kale and preserving coriander in oil
  • Storing artichokes and asparagus
  • Learn how to store eggs in an alkaline solution and to store a special blend of herbs and greens for making an instant salad dressing


Late Spring

  • Learn what Kay has stored in the last year and see for yourself what’s possible! This workshop includes all the recipes mentioned
  • Storing herbs for making tea throughout the year and how to use elderflowers as medicine
  • How to make the most of the abundance of lemons we have in late spring by making lemon juice ice blocks, salt pickles, and Moroccan oil pickles
  • Making the most of your homegrown and wild mushrooms


Early Summer

  • Using excess greens like rocket to make a delicious pesto
  • Learn how Kay cures and stores her garlic, and how she selects her mother seed
  • Making a lactic ferment
  • See how Kay dries and stores herbs for making tea throughout the rest of the year
  • Making fruit juice and using corn in many different ways
  • Making kefir soda and fizzy drinks with whey


Mid Summer

  • Bottling fruit without the need for any added ingredients
  • Making vinegar and a simple saline ferment
  • Storing courgettes and eggplants in oil using an old Italian recipe


Late Summer & Early Autumn

  • Learn to make a fermented tomato paste with a greater amount of flavour and reduced need for storage space
  • Making incredible fermented pepper sauces
  • Learn about growing beans, their different stages of growth, and how to prepare them
  • Discover chokeberries, a super-food that can easily become part of our breakfasts and help nourish our bodies
  • Learn how Kay nixtamalized her corn to increase its nutrition and wash out the indigestible parts of the corn seed


Mid Autumn

  • Critical tips for making dried feijoa chips and dried kiwi berries
  • Learn about the relationship between the length of time that you dry fruit and the best storage method to suit it
  • Rehydrating dried fruit
  • Learn all about elderberry and why not to eat it raw


Late Autumn

  • Learn about the journey of reconnection we go through when we begin to store our excess in-season food, and how that creates food security for our families
  • See why this workshop can be done by everyone, regardless of their previous experience
  • See Kay’s food storage shed and its abundance of food for the whole year to come. Get an idea of the area you need to store food for your family


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Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide educational information for the reader on the covered subject. It is not intended to take the place of personalised medical counselling, diagnosis, and treatment from a trained health professional.