The Nutritional and Ecological Resilience Approach to Food Security! 

This is the most inspirational workshop in the Koanga Gardening Online Masterclass, a journey through the “laws of nature” and the “principles of the science” that reveal the missing links between healthy communities and healthy ecosystems

It is a beautiful thing when we really “get”  how everything is connected and we start taking action towards Regeneration with an actual understanding of the principles behind our decisions. This becomes a powerful step towards not only growing Nutrient Dense Food but restoring the health of your family and of the earth, a powerful step back into meaningful life, into feeling connected, into feeling responsibility, and knowing who we are… the ancestors of those to come.

The first section of this course is a detailed introduction to the principles of science and the laws of nature around growing Nutrient-Dense Food, and how to achieve community and ecological health and resilience by doing so. The second section is a step-by-step process based on permaculture principles that Kay has created to enable anyone to High BRIX food in their backyards.

We would love to hear your feedback, we feel that the communication between us and our community is essential for the growth of our project, so please take notes and let us know your thoughts on the workshop, what worked for you and what didn’t, what were your challenges and how you’ve dealt with them, and what workshops you would like to see in the future, any and every feedback is welcome! Click here to be part of this project and join the ReGen Collaboration Community

Introduction – Episode 1 – Watch Episode Here