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A short story featuring bees, monkeys and humans.  

A story about defying the odds of our
mass extinction & the impact ofthe gift you got…

What do bees, monkeys and humans have in common?

Collective intelligence.

Bees signal to each other signs of food or threats. 

What about monkeys? In 1958 a scientist named Lyall Watson observed a phenomena where once exactly 100 monkeys adopted a new behaviour of washing sand off their sweet potatoes before consuming their food, all the monkeys on the island started washing their sweet potatoes before eating!

The astonishing part of this phenomena is that scientists found that overnight ALL the monkeys on neighbouring islands started washing their potatoes as well. Watson coined this the “100th monkey effect” – now an urban legend about collective intelligence.

Monkey see monkey do. 

Later in 2020, with the advent of the internet, humans learnt how to share regeneration education to heal their local ecosystems and they lived happily ever after. 
The gift of 2020 is sharing collective intelligence with one another.
The end…
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Is this monkey bee magic or plain old evolution – what do you think?

Inspired by these clever bees and monkeys we’ve decided to empower you to help create a similar phenomenon before 2020 ends…

We’re calling it the Regeneration Revolution!

We want to help you start and initiate your own group of regenerative humans.

If you haven’t got your Christmas presents yet, we’ve made it easy this year with a multipurpose gift to share amongst your family, friends or colleagues in this time of giving.

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Great gift to inspire your children or parents and any extended family. Also a great corporate gift for some of the business people reading this.

The goal is to activate 100 small groups to rewrite history in these times of uncertainty.

We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for…

The time is now!

Let’s design the future together by leading our family members, friends or colleagues into the Regeneration Revolution.

We’ve set up a limited amount of 52 week instalment plans for those who need help paying it off over the year.

(Limited to 100 payment plans – get in quick before they run out)

Join the Regeneration Revolution and help to create a new future with your whanau by your side.

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Note: offer ends on 31st December. Get your whanau together!

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Regeneration Productions – Bringing you the wisdom that has kept Koanga’s seed collection alive and strong all these years.