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Regenerative Living

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In our world of prescriptions, diets, and confusion, there’s another way. By learning from our ancestors and working with the laws of nature, we can reclaim our personal health and the wellbeing of the world around us.

This free email series introduces you to the world of regenerative gardening, and shows you how to become the change you want to see.

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Kōanga Gardening Masterclass 

“Ever since I discovered Kay 20 years ago I have struggled to find anyone anyone else in the world that has such an understanding of plants and the soil. 
She is constantly learning and evolving through growing, testing, studying and questioning. 
Kay is incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience. Her eyes light up when she shares her wisdom like she is saying it for the first time – she is a born educator!”

Bridget Elworthy – The Land Gardeners

“Few people have been as devoted to teaching and practicing permaculture as Kay has been. I’ve known Kay for over 20 years, and throughout, she has been an absolute exemplar. She walks the talk, teaching from her own first-hand, authentic, real-life experience. They say that the proof is in the pudding. With Kay, the proofs are in her exceptional results: What she’s been able to achieve through her gardening, seed-saving, and nursery skills is staggering. And the attention-to-detail in setting up her permaculture systems? Second to none. I highly recommend — without reservation — the courses that Kay is now making available. I have no doubt that the world will be a better place because of them.”

Geoff Lawton – The Permaculture Research Institute

“(Growing Great Seedlings) The information on seed selection, plant growth and soil options for seed raising is great! I am delighted to gain new information to improve my seedling’s health and ultimately produce more nutritionally dense vegetables. I have been raising vegetable seeds for many years using purchased seed raising and potting mix so I am looking forward to making our own mix for raising seedlings. Thanks for including the plans for making the seed trays and the mesh covers!”